Parking Management System


Hey, guys If you searching for a java project which is managing your parking area. Then you are on the right platform here In this project you can easily manage your vehicle of any type. For example: if you need management software for your Resident then this Project can help you to store all the information of the vehicle, Driver details, Passengers in the vehicle, from where it come and for how long it can stay in residency, to whom it wants to go etc. So, don’t late go and download Now.

Hey, you feel it’s difficult to install this on your system then don’t panic this is very simple to do. To install this on your laptop for this you have to, first of all, must download the java in your system and if you want to upload this on the live server so export this SQL file to the hosting server and change the connection string in the program and then Debug -that program and after this, you can find the Dist folder in this project and Dist folder contains a jar file So whenever you open contact book. every time you have to click on the jar file, you do not need to open the project again and again to run the project.


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